Fitness Benefits of Practicing Aikido

Participation in martial arts classes offers a constellation of benefits beyond any “just exercise” training. Not only is it physically active, the training develops awareness and in-the-moment presence. Martial arts improve our balance (both physically and emotionally). The continuous attention and learning required in the ongoing pursuit of mastery challenges the mind to stay sharp and focused. Classes are social experiences as well, as students form a community where members train together and support each other.

Linda Eskin, founder of Go You Fitness, has trained in the Japanese martial art of Aikido since 2009, and has personally experienced these benefits and more. Aikido may be right for you, or you might prefer the calm precision of Tai Chi, or the challenge of competition.

If training calls to you, find a good school and begin! If it does, but you don’t feel ready to get started yet, come participate in one of our programs and get yourself into action.