Release Notes

Significant changes for each release are listed here. That is, not every little typo or tweak, but the big stuff worth noting: new articles, new features, major edits, and important changes to the layout, taxonomy, or organization of the site.

For an introduction, please see Writing In Public — A Bit About This Project.

Most recent updates appear first.

20 October, 2023

New Features

✅ Added the Go You Fitness Newsletter sign-up page to the main menu, under Welcome to Go You Fitness.

✅ Added the Go You Fitness Newsletter — Past Issues feed to the site. This is also available from the main menu, under Welcome to Go You Fitness. Now you can go back and read previous newsletters. Especially handy if you just subscribed; you haven’t missed anything.

New Content

? Check out the newest article: “Discipline” Won’t Get You Fit: a look at how we set ourselves up for failure in fitness, and what a better approach looks like.

Known Issues

⚠ The Newsletter sign-up form isn’t formatted correctly on mobile devices. The name and email fields are too squished.

15 October, 2023

New Features

✅ Added the Go You Fitness YouTube channel link in the site footer.

New Content

? Published a thought-provoking new post: What if We Approached Cooking Like We Do Physical Activity?

12 October, 2023

What’s New

✅ Revised the home page. It’s now called Welcome to Go You Fitness, with new writing project information right up front: Go You Fitness is about fitness, and about writing about fitness. As a reader, you play a vital role through your input, feedback, and maybe even beta reading.

? Added a Project Transparency page, explaining why I do this work, and how. It includes statements on AI use (nope), affiliate links (nope), and inclusivity (absolutely).

✅ Revised social sharing meta data for the site, with a more appropriate image, and correct site description.

✅ Corrected article width, so text is a better width for comfortable reading. Many small changes to layout, colors, etc.

11 October, 2023: Site Launch!

New Features

✨ The entire site is completely redone, from the ground up.

A whole new purpose: Writing articles and books to support and encourage people just starting out on their fitness journey.

✅ Email list signup forms and eBook delivery are fully functional. Please go ahead and join the mailing list now. It’s a free, weekly newsletter with information and inspiration, plus project updates.

New Content

? Provided a lot of information about this project:

? Fitness Resources: this will be expanding, but there’s a solid collection of excellent resources here already.

? Workouts: Some overview information, plus a discussion of warming up, and a flexible active workout you can do on your own, at home (or anywhere).

? Published an important article: Don’t Rely on BMI (Body Mass Index)

? Published an article introducing an important document: About the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd Edition

Known Issues

⚠ There is very little actual content at the moment. Buttons and links to Fun Fitness Activities and Simple Ways to Work Out may not be clickable, or may lead to nothing at the beginning. “Coming soon!” as they say.

? I am complete changing in the underlying taxonomy. This will affect categories and tags, and labels on navigation elements (menus, links, …).

? I welcome your suggestions, corrections, and comments. I plan to add a feedback form that will be available throughout the site, but for now please send anything to [email protected]. Thank you!