Workouts to Do on Your Own

Can you afford the expense and time commitment of working one-on-one with a personal trainer? Most people can’t. I sure can’t! I did it for a few months once, when I had an important event coming up, and it was great! But it was a hard hit to my budget, and between getting there, warming up, training, and getting back home it took most of two or three afternoons every week. That’s a lot of time!

In-person training is a great option for some, but it’s not realistic or accessible for the vast majority of people. The question I’ve heard most over the years is …

“I want to get in better shape, but I can’t afford a trainer, or can’t get to a gym. Can you just give me some exercises I can do on my own, at home?”

The answer to that is “Yes!” That’s exactly what I do.

I no longer offer in-person training. With one-on-one training I could only reach a few people. Instead, I’ve changed my focus to writing, which is accessible to anyone, anywhere, at a very reasonable cost. I’m working on a series of books to coach you to a more active, fit, and healthy life. These books will be great guides for all those people who are neglected by the fitness industry – anyone on a budget, busy people, caregivers (who can’t just up and leave for hours), shy people, rural people (who might not have a gym nearby), and anyone else who can’t, or doesn’t want to, go to a gym.

“Awesome! But, what can I do right now?”

Ready to get moving? You can work out on your own, starting right now. Check out these inspiring articles and quick workouts you can do anywhere, on your own, wherever you are, with no special equipment:

In the spirit of doing something, anything, here’s a great place to begin:
The Magic of Doing Quick Warmups, Whenever

No space? No equipment? No problem! You can do these.
Simple Standing Exercises You Can Do at Home with No Equipment

You may want to have a countertop or chair handy to touch or hold onto for help with balance. If you need added security when doing the squats, do them over a sturdy chair that won’t slide if you sit down suddenly. There is no shame in taking a little extra care. Do not fall and get hurt. Getting injured is the opposite of getting fit. Take care of yourself, no matter what your ego tries to tell you. ;-)

The workouts below this point are coming soon:

Want more? Push the coffee table out of the way and get down (on the floor, that is).
Simple Floor Exercises You Can Do at Home with No Equipment

Can’t find the time? You can do a little here, and a little there.
Ambient Exercise — Simple Fitness Activities You Can Do Throughout the Day

Lastly, there is so much more to health and fitness than working out
Healthy Habits Everyone Can Use

What’s the best workout? The one you’ll do!

Whatever your situation, you can find ways to be active, eat well, get rest, and keep in touch with your friends. Walk, lift things, push/pull stuff, play on the floor, and generally get out and move. Find activities you enjoy, because if you aren’t having fun, you won’t stick with it.

If the weather permits, you can work in the garden, run around the neighborhood, hike in the hills, play tennis, or go kayaking. Need to work out at home? Experiment with the above workouts and design a regular habit of activity that suits your situation. Dance around the living room. Do laps up and down the stairs. Create a family fitness challenge.

If you find it hard to stay motivated (and who doesn’t?), try signing up for a class, event, or competition. What works for me is belonging to an Aikido dojo (martial arts school), and participating in classes five days a week. I’ve also recently started competing in Highland games (throwing heavy stuff). There’s nothing like knowing you have a rank text or throwing competition coming up to create some immediacy around getting fit!

However fitness looks for you, take care of yourself, stay well, and get moving.