Go You!

Hi! I’m very glad you’re here. Please pardon my dust – I’m reworking my business and my website. Check out the new name: Go You Fitness! You’ll probably see links that don’t work, and articles that are only half finished. But feel free to poke around.

Because of the Covid pandemic I am not offering in-person training or fitness classes right now. Instead, I’m focusing on writing, which is accessible to anyone, anywhere. In addition, later in 2021 I plan to offer limited remote coaching for fitness and healthy habits.

“Great. So, what can I do right now?”

You know that staying active and strong is of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. But how? Your normal schedule is long gone. The activities you love are shut down. You may be working from home, managing your kids’ Your gym is closed. I totally understand. It is a cruel and unfair world, indeed.

All hope is not lost. Here are some things you can do on your own, at home! I am creating a series of One-Page Workouts, plus One-Page Warmups and related materials to take the complexity out of fitness. Just grab the pages you need (printable PDFs, or view on your phone or tablet), and do what they say. Easy!

Each section below will include an overview, then each One-Page Workout or One-Page Warmup will have its own link.

In the spirit of doing something, anything, here’s a great place to begin:
The Magic of Doing Quick Warmups, Whenever

  • The Waiting-for-Coffee Warmup — 5 minutes, standing, no equipment* / no mat, no impact / no noise
  • The One-Minute Warmup — 1 minute, standing, no equipment* / no mat, no impact / no noise

No space? No equipment? No problem! You can do these.
Simple Standing Exercises You Can Do at Home with No Equipment

  • 5-Minute Leg & Core Workout — 5 minutes, standing, no equipment* / no mat, no impact / no noise

*You may want to have a countertop or chair handy to touch or hold onto for help with balance. If you need added security when doing the squats, do them over a sturdy chair that won’t slide if you sit down suddenly. There is no shame in taking a little extra care. Do not fall and get hurt. Getting injured is the opposite of getting fit. Take care of yourself, no matter what your ego tries to tell you. ;-)

Want more? Push the coffee table out of the way and get down (on the floor, that is).
Simple Floor Exercises You Can Do at Home with No Equipment

Can’t find the time? You can do a little here, and a little there.
Ambient Exercise — Simple Fitness Activities You Can Do Throughout the Day

Lastly, there is so much more to health and fitness than working out
Healthy Habits Everyone Can Use

What’s the best workout? The one you’ll do.

Things likely won’t be “normal” for a good while yet. Don’t let our current situation stop you. There’s plenty you can do. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and anything is better than nothing.

Even in our current situation you can find ways to be active, eat well, get rest, and keep in touch with your friends (remotely, of course). Walk, lift things, push/pull stuff, play on the floor, and generally get out and move. Find activities you enjoy.

If you live in a warm climate you can work in the garden, run around the neighborhood, hike in the hills, play tennis, or go kayaking. Need to stay inside? Experiment with the above articles and design a regular habit of activity that suits your situation. Dance around the living room. Do laps up and down the stairs. Create a family fitness challenge.

Take care of yourself, stay well, and get moving.